How to Keep Your Boat Looking Good

You spent a lot of money on your boat. So it just makes sense that you want to keep it looking good. Below are a few of the best boat cleaning and maintenance tips to keep your boat in tip-top shape without dedicating hours of backbreaking work to the cause.

  1. The Right Equipment

Selecting the right cleaning equipment will make cleaning your boat much more efficient. Take the model of boat into account when selecting your equipment. Cleaning brushes should be sturdy enough to handle dirt and salt but soft enough not to damage your boat’s finish. A long handle brush will help you clean hard-to-reach areas.

While a good scrub brush is your most important piece of cleaning equipment, you should also stock up on a few other necessities. These include a bucket, washing pads, sponges, towels, and a mop.

  1. Environmentally-Friendly Soap

Selecting a soap that is environmentally friendly, since you’ll be using it in a marine environment, is a good way to go. At the same time, the soap also needs to be strong enough to tackle all the dirt, salt, fish blood, and other grime that accumulates from regular boating use. Select a biodegradable soap with a neutral pH.

  1. The Right Process

Cleaning your boat is similar to cleaning your car. And following the right process will make it that much quicker. Start by rinsing your entire boat off. Then start scrubbing from the top to the bottom. Use a sponge or brush soaked in your soapy solution. Be sure to get every inch of the boat, including the deck and motor. Rinse the boat of soap completely to prevent damage.

  1. Apply Wax

Let your boat dry completely before applying wax. Select a high-quality wax specifically designed for marine use. You don’t have to wax your boat each time you clean it. But you should wax it at least once or twice per year.

  1. Clean the Engine

You should clean your boat’s engine at least once per year. Many boat owners make this a part of their regular winterization ritual. While you can have this done by a professional, it’s easy enough to do yourself. Use a quality engine cleaner and protectant along with a cleaning cloth to remove dirt, grease, and other grime. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for each product closely to prevent damage.

Keeping your boat looking good takes work. But it doesn’t take as much as people often think. Use the five tips above to keep your boat in tip-top condition next time you clean it.